First blog post

I have recently crossed a rite of passage and am now seating myself in life’s purpose for my approaching crone phase. I have a mission to complete in this life before moving onto the next. I have lived my entire life to be here now. Each small bit of myself resonates with this bigger picture that unfolds with each step I take as an authentic being. Having literally lived The Matrix movie, I AM the torch to light the way for others to see the hidden path towards truth and self. I have lived this life walking  the edge, pioneering a stepping path on steep slopes and at the ends of branches that creak and tremble with my clumsy yet courageous expectations of support. I create these little memoir chapters, chronicles, notes, opinions to not only tell my story in hopes of helping others, but to give reference material for who I am. I have a Ministry to bring to the world-a church, a movement, a revolution, WHATEVER you want to call it-I need a reference so that I don’t have to tell my story over and over. Eventually I will consolidate and revise these notes from this site and make a book. This is my beginning to this future endeavor.  My writing skills need work underneath the cob webs and dust from neglect, but my articulation skills are always on point. Please be patient while I try on my writing shoes. Be forgiving because I will stick my foot in my mouth a few times, I’m sure.

I am Gnostic and I know it. In fact, I am a self proclaimed Gnostic Nun- A Sophia.  My story contains my journey into Gnosis with ART being the vehicle of moving meditation.  This involves talking about things that are resonant to ME. We each have our own frequency. So I expect to be received with raised eyebrows  because some of my shamanic experiences are pretty unbelievable. Yet make perfect sense for ME to experience. Also, LIFE is ART. Art IS the blood of my soul. I have truly embodied creativity. This is a huge part of my Ministry to articulate to the people. Channeling tantric energy into creativity IS my path to Gnosis. I want to stir a Revolution of Consciousness with these ingredients.The mass of people need help waking up. This is my time to come forward and contribute my Knowing to help raise the vibration. Perceiving the world from where I’m standing could be enlightening to others. This is what prompts me to begin this story for the public. Yet knowing that my perspective of spirituality is not for everyone.